We are a full-service design studio


Art direction / Brand identity / Creative direction

Gaukk concept: We are leather. We are experience and innovation, artisans and technologists; tailor-made defenders and new trend propellers.We are the shield of the unique, the new, the everlasting. Irreverents and hedonists, we are instinct, we are icons, WE ARE GAUKK. 

We are inspired by new technologies but we also pay tribute to the artisan work. We make our jackets, bags and sneakers with one of the finest and most enduring materials there is: leather. We specially design the weave of the interiors of each garment, and the ironwork as well; and we implement innovative techniques, such as textile embossing. 

True luxury requires time and it relies on personalized experiences - we follow this motto in all our designs. In GAUKK there are no two jackets alike. Handmade, detail oriented, each of them  tagged with an unique number, every jacket is delivered with its corresponding certificate of authenticity. 

The company was in charge of the developing Brand concept, naming, visual identity, product line, e-commerce, photo campaign, videos, brand storytelling and stationery.


Creative & Art Directors_ Josefina Lopez & Agustín Galickas / Visual Brand designer_ Agustín Galickas / Product Line designer_ Josefina Lopez / Photo_ Milos Nasio & Gastón Perello / Video_ Mumu