When Time Dreams

'When Time Dreams' / till Sep 15th

at The Company Studios

The Company Studios presents its second exhibition When time dreams' - curated by Mano Leyrado (AR) and featuring the work of Anna Zachariades (DE), Flavia Visconte (AR), Griffini in Tamborini (IT), Hunter Longe (US), Joshua Goode (US), Julia Pereyra (AR), Yunsun Kim (KR) and Blanchard - Dos Santos (FR - PT).

Through the lens of archaeological discovery, the artists of When time dreams gather an imagined material culture excavated from encounters with the past, the future, and alternate timelines. These diverse forms and temporalities act as a prism through which we reveal the human fetishism of eternity and explore the possibility of permanence as an exercise in plasticity, not to deduce history but to contain and propose it.

In a contemporaneity in where we live the socio-political reality as an incomprehensible arrangement coated with an unfathomable complexity, dreams present themselves as the last bastion of imagination for a life that convinces us that the only sense in which time circulates is towards the future.

However, giving continuity is not the same as following. The present is preceded by an experimental expectation: "moving on" in a pandemic. But "ahead", if it is a place, can only exist when there is the illusion that time can vanish. We have been well aware for many years that space is curved. All time exists at once.

Hauntology invites us to find in the present the cracks through which the past appears in order to make the future a territory for the past that did not pass. The worm that digs the tunnels between times is called beauty. It does not bring with it patterns of color and form, but an intention, to make permanence possible throughout what is destined to disintegrate.

When time dreams happen during a "materialistic moment". To leave captive of beauty that temporal slit in which what has happened has not yet been captured by any unit of meaning. That moment in which the worm breathes on the surface before continuing its journey through the time corridors. When the artistic work resigns the possibility of representation becomes evidence. 

How could one establish a chronology for something that contains the past, develops in the future, and, even so, appears before our eyes today? There was a time when the excavation of the past was reduced to archaeology, and with it, to the colonization of eternity. The possibility of permanence in the present, on the other hand, is the exercise of plasticity. The preservation of the positivist illusion of creating an immutable and timeless sense is, in this exhibition, the permanent residence of our existential concerns in poetic transformation. 

When time dreams are beings of all times gathered in the matter, detaching themselves from their form to become a situation.

An archeology of crevices that no longer allows us to deduce history but to contain it and propose it.


Txt by Mano Leyrado & Agostina Milleo

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